Elcho Park Equestrian Centre, Lara, Vic, 3212

Corio & Moorabool Pony Club Inc.

2020 2 Day Horse Trials

Capped at 180 Riders

Book A Steel Yard $20.00 for the 2 Days.

CMPC Pony Club Grounds, Elcho Park, Bacchus Marsh Roads & Elcho Road Lara

March 28th – DR & SJ All Grades

March 29th – Cross Country all Grades

Entries close:          FRIDAY 20th March 2020 at 8pm

Entry Fee:    

$50 per combination PCAV classes
$60 per combination Open classes WITH relevant insurance
$75 per combination Open classes WITHOUT relevant insurance

New PC Grade 6 Course!!

Entries include FOEP facility fee and First Aid levy. 

See Conditions of Entry for insurance requirements.

Multiple Rides –Competitors may ride up to 2 horses in Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 only.

HELPERS – If your club enters 3 or more riders you may be asked to provide a helper to assist on the day.

Classes:       PC Grades 1-6, Non-PCAV (Open) Grades 1-5

Dressage Tests:








Tests (2013 Dressage for PCAV)







Prizes:              Pony Club and Non-PCAV (Open):

Embroidered Rug for overall winners in each class. Sashes to 6th

Place and dressage to 3rd place (must compete in all phases).

No equal places awarded – countback applicable.


Online Entries Only

Entries at:                www.cmpc.org.au

Times/Draw at:       www.cmpc.org.au and Facebook

Yard Bookings:       www.cmpc.org.au/yard-booking

Enquiries:                events@cmpc.org.au or text Adrienne 0413 486 282

Horse Trials Cross Country maximum heights and max spread distance in metres as per PCAV HT Rules 2020

Conditions of Entry:

Entry Fee is:

$50 PCAV riders
$60 Open riders WITH insurance – see conditions below
$75 Open riders WITHOUT insurance                                                     

Before Riding

Pony Club Riders

PCV club member cards must be inspected and left at the secretary’s office to be handed back at the end of event.

Open Riders

All open riders, except PCV current members must sign and submit a Liability Waiver declaration form with entry; and if a current PCV, EA or HRCAV card cannot be presented the rider must pay an additional $15.

The prescribed Day Attendance Fee is due UNLESS you can prove Personal Liability Cover of at least $10,000,000. *Must produce proof.

Riders without adequate Insurance Cover must pay $15 for Liability Only cover for the duration of the event. (Not personal Medical) and complete the Participant Waiver.

PCV Insurance Policy specifically states anyone not following PCV Rules may be left uninsured.

  1. No refunds after closing date except with vet or medical certificate. An admin fee of $10 will be deducted.
  2. Entering this competition constitutes acknowledgement that PCAV rules apply and acceptance of these rules.
  3. The organising committee reserves the right to cancel any class or competition; divide any class; alter times; refuse any entry with or without stating the reason.
  4. Competitors may ride up to 2 horses in Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 only (no multiples Gr 5 and Gr 6), subject to the conditions of PCAV Handbook of By-laws.
  5. Complying helmets must be worn, spot checks may occur.
  6. Gear Check is required for all riders before each phase.
  7. CMPC would prefer riders wear armbands, but not compulsory.
  8. Riders under eight years of age may not compete, horses must be at least age four, no stallions, colts or rigs.
  9. Competitor numbers – the organising committee will pre-allocate and advise numbers. Competitors may supply their own numbers however body numbers must be used for cross-country. Body numbers will be available at the event. Hair must be tied up to expose full back number in cross country phase.
  10. PCV Alcohol Policy applies.
  11. Dogs are prohibited without exception – elimination may occur.
  12. Lunging is only to occur in an enclosed area of the grounds.
  13. Queries, protests, horse abuse, rules as per the PCAV Handbook of By-Laws.
  14. Neither the organising committee of this competition nor the PCV accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, ground spectators or any other person or property.
  15. HELPERS – If your club enters 3 or more riders you may be asked to provide a helper to assist on the day.
  16. Course Closure – The Cross-Country course will be closed to competitors from 5pm March 13th.

CMPC Horse Trails 28th & 29th March 2020

***Please NOTE*** Only one entry per form, if you wish to enter a 2nd horse please complete another entry.

Online Entries Only

This form is a online entry system only. Please be prepared to complete payment via our secure PayPal gateway. PayPal and major Credit Cards are accepted.


Limited Number of new steel yards can be booked for the weekend please complete the booking on the CMPC Web site under (EVENTS-YARD BOOKING) limited to 40 yards. Wood Shavings and Hay will be available for purchase at the club rooms.

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