Grade 6 Training Dressage Fun

Corio & Moorabool Pony Club

A training opportunity for young or inexperienced riders to learn and have FUN!

PCV Grade 6-Test 1 & Test 2 – Rider may be led or assisted
Tests found here:

No placings, all participants will receive a ribbon and their test.
PLUS Awards for Best presented, Cutest combination & Best partnership

VENUE: Your own arena or venue (compliant with Covid-19 restrictions).
Set up 40×20 arena with clear markers. Ensure surface and environment are safe.

ENTRIES: $15 per test. Online entries only, payment required at time of entry.
• Entry via:
• Entries Close 8pm on Sunday 13th September, 2020
• Riders may enter more than once

• Video your test from 1m behind C, Zoom as required making sure whole horse and arena markers are still in view. Sound is to be “ON”.
• Go to the Corio & Moorabool Pony Club Facebook page event named “Online Dressage Training FUN ”
• Upload your video including the following;

  1. Your full name
  2. Your horses name
  3. Make sure your post is set to public

*Tests and ribbons will be posted out by 27th September 2020.
*Judges will be providing comments and scores but not a total, there are no placings as this is a training opportunity.

As per rule 36.6.c in PCV Book of Bylaws:
• Leaders need to be effective and aware horse handlers. They are there to ASSIST the rider with steering, stopping and making the pony go – NOT to pull or push the pony around.
• The leader must:
o Be a competent handler
o Wear correctly fitting, covered footwear
o Never wrap the Lead rope around their hand nor entwine their fingers in the clip or ring
o Keep the pony at a safe distance from other horses and people.
o Be careful when changing direction or pace not to unbalance the rider.
o Recommend the leader: Always lead from the pony’s shoulder where contact with Pony and Rider are optimum
o Hold the lead rope 5 to 10cms below the clip, giving the pony headroom whilst remaining in control.
36.6.d The horse must be bridled and led with a properly fitted halter (worn under the bridle) with a lead rope attached to the Head Collar or a lead line connected to both bit Cheekpieces.

Conditions of entry:

  1. Entering this competition constitutes acknowledgement that PCAV rules apply and acceptance of these rules.
  2. Riders accept that it is their responsibility to ensure that a competent person checks that their gear is safe and complies with PCV rules. Compliant helmets and boots must be worn along with a sleeved top.
  3. The organising committee reserves the right the cancel any class or refuse any entry without stating a reason.
  4. Neither the organising committee of this competition nor the PCAV accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, grounds, spectators or any other person or property.
  5. No refunds after closing date except with vet or medical certificate. An administration fee of $10 will be deducted.
  6. This is an unofficial event, riders tests will be judged via video.
  7. Calling of tests is allowed.
  8. Riders must be insured for this event. Riders must complete the Public Liability Declaration Form and pay $15 day insurance unless you are a financial member of PCV, EA, HRCAV or can prove that you are covered by public liability Insurance Policy of at least
  9. Participants must show proof of current membership or insurance cover by uploading a picture of membership card or insurance policy when entering.
  10. Copies of tests will be sent to participants via messenger and prizes will be posted.
  11. Video Guidelines;
    -Participants accept that their video will be displayed on social media.
    – Videos must be of the full arena, filmed from 1m behind C. Zoom as required making sure whole horse and arena markers are still in view.
    – Video footage must be clear and one continuous video. No editing, no background music. Sound must be “ON”.
    – A purpose built arena is not required; a grass area can be suitable but must be the correct arena measurements and marked out with letters. Arena dimensions and letter locations can be found here on page
  12. 20Regulations/Book%20-%20Dressage%20Rules%202019.pdf

** All Non-Pony Club members, and any Pony Club member that cannot show their Pony Club card or prove Pony Club membership need to complete the Day Participant form

Form will be required to be emailed to

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